Can You Use Evaporated Milk For Coffee Creamer? Get The Best Answer

February 9, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle

Waking up every morning with a cup of coffee has become an ideal habit for urban residents. However, what if your house runs out of coffee creamer but you only have evaporated milk left? Can you use evaporated milk for coffee creamer? If you are still wondering about this issue, please join us to find out the answer.

Can You Use Evaporated Milk For Coffee Creamer?

This answer is Yes, you absolutely can use evaporated milk for coffee creamer. The mixture of coffee and evaporated milk will give a unique and charming taste. However, please be mindful of the sugar level of the product for the best milk coffee cup!

Needless to say, a perfect milk coffee cup could not lack the presence of the coffee creamer. That’s also why very few people can say whether it is fine to replace the creamer with evaporated milk.

Evaporated milk, theoretically, is a solid material that can dissolve in water, which is why it can mix with your coffee easily. Depending on the amount of milk you want to add, the coffee will have a different strong taste accordingly. For instance, when too much evaporated milk is in the coffee, the drink will become saturated, and milk may not dissolve completely.

Given that fact, you should control the volume of the evaporated milk when adding it to coffee. Due to its thickness, just a small amount can create the flavor of your cup.

Like coffee creamer, condensed milk also contains saturated fat, which is not good for people who are in the process of losing weight. This milk product also contains 146 calories more than the regular product. Therefore, please note that when you want to use evaporated milk as an alternative for coffee creamer.

If you still want to use evaporated milk, here’s a recipe to prepare a cup of coffee just for you. Let’s find out together!

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How To Use Evaporated Milk In Making Coffee?

Using the evaporated milk to make your coffee will make your drink taste different than usual. No need to waste more time, we’ll walk you through the process of using the evaporated milk in replacement of coffee creamer to make milk coffee:

Prepare A Cup Of Coffee

First of all, prepare a cup of coffee based on your taste. Many people think that evaporated milk can only mix with hot coffee, but this opinion is completely wrong! This product can dissolve in any coffee, even if it is a cold brew. Therefore, it’s no need to worry that evaporated milk and coffee will not be able to mix.

Add Some Evaporated Milk

There are several evaporated milk types on the market. You can buy whatever you want, such as low fat, skim, condensed, whole milk, etc., as long as it matches your taste. However, we advise you to consider the sugar level of a product first before choosing the type of milk because sugar strongly affects the flavor of a cup of coffee.

A note for you, evaporated milk is much thicker than coffee creamer. Hence, that is why you could not use the same volume of the evaporated milk as a coffee creamer in a cup of coffee. If you ignore this, your coffee will taste terribly sweet.

You should note down this recipe for the best result: every 240 ml of coffee goes with three spoons of the evaporated milk. It will give birth to a cup of milk coffee with moderate sweetness, aroma, and eye-catching color.

Mix Them Together

In this step, use a spoon to stir them until they are completely dissolved. Hot coffee will have a faster completion time than other coffee beverages. For cold coffee, a piece of advice is to dissolve the milk with just a small amount of coffee first, then add the remaining of the coffee. That will speed up the blending time of the mixture.

Taste Your Coffee

Try tasting it to check if the coffee suits your taste or not. Use more evaporated milk if the coffee is still pale. Then, take note of the volume of the evaporated milk for the next time!

Add Sugar, Sweeteners & Ice

As evaporated milk is unsweetened, those who love sweetness might want to add more sugar and sweeteners into the coffee. If you want to enjoy a cold drink, add ice cubes to the coffee for a better experience!

What Should You Do To Get The Best Taste Of The Evaporated Milk in Coffee?

In case you don’t have an accurate measuring device, you can use the estimating method instead. Our recommendation is to put an evaporated milk equal to half the amount of creamer you normally use. Then adjust the taste by adding sugar and other additives.

Besides, the temperature plays an important role in fastening the dissolution of sweeteners. In other words, the heat can make the milk coffee taste sweeter than usual!

Another tip when making coffee with evaporated milk is that you can dissolve this milk with water. The way to make it is also extremely simple, as you only need to prepare it according to the 1:1 recipe. It means that each quantity of water requires the same volume of the evaporated milk.

Next, you might wonder how to mix this amount of milk ( containing evaporated milk and water) with coffee properly? The answer is, dissolve milk and coffee in a 1:2 ratio. A simple example, if there is a cup of milk, we will mix it with 2 cups of coffee. Believe us, as the last results will surprise you with how flavorful the taste is!

Some Last Words

Can you use evaporated milk for coffee creamer? – Yes, and you will definitely love its unique taste. Through this article, we hope that you have got all the information you need. Have a good day!


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