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Coffees are grown at high altitudes and are distinguished by a bright, crisp acidity and a clean, uncomplicated flavor.




Coffees from the same region of the world tend to share certain characteristics. To help you discern which coffees are best suited to your palate, we offer some general descriptions of these regional differences, followed by more specific individual coffee descriptions.

Central and South American coffees are especially noted for their excellent balance of body and acidity, with neither one trumping the other.

Mexican Organic: This organic coffee comes from the Chiapas region which is the southern most point in Mexico. The Chiapas region is known for producing the very best coffee in mexico. This coffee has a mild intensity and sweetness coupled with a clean, light body.

El Salvador Peaberry: The coffee fruit occasionally produces a single, rather than a double bean. This loner been grows to be small and round, producing what is called a peaberry. This Central American peaberry coffee possesses a medium body and a mild flavor. It has low acidity and a clean, sweet finish.

Colombia Nariño Reserva del Patron:* Grown high in the Andes to exacting standards, this coffee is from the southern region of Nariño, an area famous for producing the finest Colombian coffees. This coffee is rich and mellow-bodied, with a vibrant acidity and an excellent flavor.

Colombia Organic: This organically grown coffee from Colombia possesses a rich, full flavor with medium body and a vibrant acidity.

Costa Rica La Lapa:* Grown in the Tres Rios district at an altitude ranging from 3,900 to 5,400 feet, Costa Rica La Lapa is the highest grade “SHB,” or Strictly Hard Bean. It is a very complete coffee, possessing all things great coffees should have: high acidity, medium to heavy body, and good aroma, all in perfect balance. Its flavor is typical of fine Central American coffees. It is lively, snappy, and clean.

Costa Rica La Minita: Grown high in Costa Rica’s central mountains, this elegant coffee exhibits a remarkable smoothness, a distinctive flavor and aroma, and the perfect balance of body and acidity. Grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides, this is the flagship coffee from Hacienda La Minita, one of the most trusted and respected names in the coffee world, and the source for most of the coffee varieties we offer at Uncommon Grounds.

Guatemala Antigua: Genuine Antigua is grown at high altitudes near the Pacific coast of Guatemala. This Central American coffee is heavy-bodied and high in acidity, yet soft and mild in flavor. A good Antigua will be smooth and smokey, and is one of the best buys in quality coffee.

Peruvian Organic “La Florida” Fair Trade Coffee: Grown at an altitude of 4,500 feet on the slopes of the Andes mountains, in the Chanchamayo region of central Peru, this variety comes from the “La Florida” cooperative. It has a mild flavor and a delicate, yet brisk, acidity. This coffee also exhibits an excellent aroma, good body, and a sweet finish.

Brazilian Santos: Our Santos has a smooth, mild flavor, medium body, and moderate acidity. We use this coffee as the base for our flavored coffees.

French Roast: This is the same fine Colombia Nariño bean, only roasted to a rich mahogany French roast. Low in acidity, its flavor is dominated by the tangy nuance of the oils produced by dark-roasting.

Italian Roast: This , too, is a product of our Colombia Nariño bean, roasted to a deep ebony, with well-developed oils. This is our darkest roast, with very low acidity and a bittersweet, smoky tang.

Coffees From United States

Kona Fancy: Grown to the most exacting standards, Hawaiian Kona coffee trees are planted in holes in the lava on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano. “Fancy” refers to a fine grade and large size of genuine Kona coffee beans. Kona has a rich flavor, with a lot of natural sweetness; it also exhibits an intense aroma, a medium body, and a slightly winey medium-to-low acidity. The Kona we sell is 100% Kona coffee beans.

Coffees From Africa

These coffees are characterized by an acidity that is commonly referred to as “winey”, meaning that the effect on the palate is not unlike the pleasant, dry aftertaste one encounters in a good wine. Often high in acidity, they can range from medium- to heavy-bodied, and are a good choice for those whose coffee tastes tend toward the exotic.

Etiopioa Yirgacheffe:* Grown at an altitude of over 7,000 feet, resulting in a very small bean with a concentrated flavor, Yirgacheffe is prized for its delicate citrus and floral qualities and for its delightful aroma. Yirgacheffe has high acidity, a winey flavor, and a mild medium body. Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee; it also happens to produce some of the finest and most unique coffees in the world.

Kenya AA: Grown extensively on or near 17,000 foot Mt. Kenya, the “AA” refers to the size of the beans; “AA” beans are large and round, the highest grade available. This coffee’s clean, bright flavor, fruity aroma, pronounced acidity and solid body give it a most attractive wine-like character.

Tanzanian Peaberry: Grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the peaberry is a natural deviation wherein the coffee cherry contains only one seed, instead of the usual pair. The difficult-to-acquire peaberry possesses a fine acidity, rich flavor, and a full body. This is another good choice for those who love an intense, wine-like coffee.

Coffees From Indonesia & The Pacific

The coffees produced on the islands of the Malay Archipelago are quite full-bodied, with a gentle acidity. Often characterized as smooth and earthy, they also tend to exhibit a distinctively rich flavor. A fine choice for those who prefer a heavier body and a lower acidity in their coffee.

Sumatra Mandheling:* Grown near the city of Padang in the west central Sumatra, Mandheling is considered to be the most full-bodied coffee in the world. Rich and smooth, it is characterized by a heavy, almost syrupy body, a very low acidity, and a powerful aroma.

Celebes Kalossi: The coffee, also known as Sulawesi, is similar to Sumatra Mandheling, with a little less body and a bit more acidity and vibrancy. This is another fine coffee for those who prefer syrupy richness and full body to brightness and dry snap.

Java Estate: This comes from the Blawan or Jampit Estates. This Indonesian coffee has a vibrant, slightly spicy flavor, low acidity, and a rich, smooth full-bodied character.

New Guinea Plantation: This coffee is grown in Papua New Guinea (the eastern half of the island of New Guinea) from the same seed as Jamaica Blue Mountain, and has been since the 1930’s. The two coffees are similar, yet New Guinea costs considerably less. This coffee has a very distinct aroma, medium to heavy body, and a pronounced, pleasant aftertaste.

Coffees From Caribbean

Jamaica Blue Mountain: Grown high in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, this coffee is sweet, smooth, and mellow, with a soft, mild flavor, moderate acidity and full body – a classic “island coffee.” (We may carry this coffee during the holiday season. Please contact us, if you are interested)

The Blends

House Blend: This is a blend of six different straight coffees in exact proportions, including Costa Rica La Lapa, Java Estate, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Sumatra Mandheling, and our French and Italian roasts. This blend has very fine acidity, medium-to-heavy body, and a very robust flavor. It makes an excellent morning coffee.

Moka Java Blend: This blend is a marriage of two beans, Ethiopa Yirgacheffe and Java Estate. It is deeply rich in flavor, unmatched in aromatic spiceness, full-bodied and smooth.

Espresso Blend: This blend is used for all of our espresso drinks. It contains Keny AA, Guatemala Antigua, Java Estate, Sumatra Mandheling, and, our Italian roast.

Decaf Espresso Blend: This blend, consisting of Colombian SWP Decaf and Sumatran SWP Decaf, is used for all of our decaffienated espresso drinks.

House Decaf: This is a blend of Costa Rican SWP Decaf, Ethiopian SWP Decaf, and Sumatran SWP Decaf. A medium-to heavy-bodied coffee, with medium acidity and an excellent flavor.