Can You Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Clean A Coffee Pot? The Answer Is In This Post

February 12, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle

Apparently, having a hygienic coffee pot is one of the top-notch concerns of coffee lovers. Truth be told, people have applied many ways to clean their coffee pots, and some even use apple cider vinegar. Is it possible to do that? If yes, how can you use apple cider vinegar to clean a coffee pot effectively? We will give you the answer in this article. Read on!

Can You Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Clean A Coffee Pot?

The short answer is YES, you can! Using apple cider vinegar is the most beneficial and simplest way. Despite the lack of complex chemical ratio like other dishwashing liquids, a proper amount of apple cider vinegar can wipe out bacteria, build-up of debris, and keep your coffee pot’s internal parts spotless.

Besides, keeping your coffee pot hygienic is essential to process a flavorsome and tasty cup of coffee!

This affordable and readily available cooking liquid can serve more purposes than its basic use. Apart from being a cooking ingredient, apple cider vinegar can work well as a homemade cleaning solution.

This liquid is also totally safe for your health due to its natural components. For this reason, among many methods to eliminate stains and debris build-up, you can opt for apple cider vinegar to clean your coffee pot whenever you want.

How Can You Clean A Coffee Pot With Apple Cider Vinegar?

After knowing the cleaning function and remarkable features of apple cider vinegar, let’s follow these steps to start applying this method:

Pour The Mixture Into The Coffee Machine

First of all, you have to prepare a combination of apple cider vinegar and water. Please make sure that the amount of water doubles that of the vinegar. Next, pour the mixture into the coffee machine.

Activate The Coffee Maker

Once you fill the machine with the water-vinegar liquid, start the coffee maker with the same steps as when you make a cup of coffee. By doing this, you will let the cleaning solution flow into any corner of the machine. And do not forget to place the coffee pot under the coffee maker!

Deactivate The Coffee Maker For A Few Minutes

When you notice that the coffee maker’s brewing cycle has come halfway, try to stop the process for a while. During this time, the apple cider vinegar will start working. The longer the mixture stays inside the coffee maker, the more time for its natural components to descale the debris build-up.

Leave The Water And Vinegar Mixture In The Pot For A Little While

When the cleaning mixture flows into the coffee pot, we suggest you leave it for a while as you did with the coffee maker. To be more specific, the vinegar will also bring the same cleaning effects on the internal parts of the coffee pot like it does with the coffee maker.

This step will eliminate the mineral scales and dirt particles and retain the sanitary condition for your coffee pot.

Use Water To Clean The Coffee Pot And The Coffee Maker

After the apple cider vinegar has done its job, pour off the liquid and fill the water in for the rinsing process. With the help of water, you can easily clean and get rid of all the flavor and chemicals from the cleaning solution left in the coffee machine.

In detail, carry out this stage exactly as the steps above: Fill the coffee machine with water only, activate it, stop when it has come halfway, then leave the water inside the coffee machine and the coffee pot for a few minutes.

Re-clean The Coffee Pot By Casual Method

Casual cleaning methods consist of manually cleaning with water or with a dishwasher. Still, for extra cleaning, apply the dishwater to make your coffee pot 100% spotless. This final step is also beneficial to remove the unpleasant smell of the vinegar.

FAQ Of Can You Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Clean A Coffee Pot

1. Why Do You Need To Deactivate The Coffee Maker During The Cleaning Process?

There are some mineral deposits inside the coffee maker, which you can’t detect unless you disassemble the machine. Therefore, deactivating the coffee machine while it’s running will let the apple cider vinegar have time to tackle down the persistent debris build-up and descale the unreachable spots.

2. Should You Scrub The Coffee Pot’s Internal Side When Applying Apple Cider Vinegar?

Normally, you don’t NEED to do this; but it is still a great idea for a perfectionist. Following the six steps above are enough to deal with the casual stains, mineral deposits, and debris build-up.

In case the coffee pot has been left uncleaned and stuck with stubborn residue for a long time, the cleaning method we’ve provided will possibly be ineffective. Then it is time for you to scrub! While scrubbing the coffee pot, you should avoid the cleaning solution from getting direct contact with your hand by wearing protective gloves.

3. Is Apple Cider Vinegar And White Vinegar The Same?

In general, these two types of vinegar are all the same with acidic characteristics.

The white vinegar comes at a lower price, and its smell will fade away quicker than the apple cider vinegar. However, apple cider vinegar is more powerful and suitable for deep cleaning, especially when cleaning objects with unreachable spots like a coffee pot.

Bottom Lines

Now, you’ve got the answer to the question, “Can you use apple cider vinegar to clean a coffee pot?“. Just carefully follow these steps above, and your coffee pot will soon be spotless and ready to brew your beverage! Last but not least, you can opt for white vinegar as it is also acidic and cheaper than apple cider vinegar, but apple vinegar surely better for extra thorough clean.


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