Can You Microwave Paper Coffee Cups? Unravel The Secret

February 14, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle

We’re sure you’ve probably once or many times wasted a perfectly good cup of coffee because you left it on somewhere, and it got cold. At that time, you are frequently faced with the decision of whether or not to reheat the paper cup of coffee in the microwave. So, can you microwave paper coffee cups? This writing will give you the answers with the best thorough explanation ever. Let’s get started!

Can You Microwave Paper Coffee Cups?

Yes, you can, but only if you have no other choice. Nothing can prohibit you from using the microwave to reheat your paper coffee cups. You can try it even if we don’t recommend it.

Many people regularly use paper cups to heat drinks in the microwave. If the beverage is cold, they will immediately put the paper cup in the microwave to warm it up out of habit. The process seems simple and risk-free. So, people mistakenly believe that doing so will not have any negative effect.

However, some studies have proven the opposite. To reheat any drink or meal, we must heed the manufacturer’s safety recommendations about materials that can be used to heat food.

We’re not stopping you from microwaving paper coffee cups, but for optimal results, we do recommend using a microwave-safe paper cup – the ones with a microwave-safe symbol printed on the packaging. If the cup doesn’t have that symbol, you should assume it’s not microwave-safe.

Why Is Microwaving Paper Coffee Cups Unsafe?

Paper cups are used to hold hot and cold liquids. Although this is called a paper cup, paper is not the only material it contains. There is also a thin layer of wax or plastic to prevent the liquid from seeping out and damaging the mug. They are connected to each other by adhesives which are all combustible materials.

Below are four reasons why we do not recommend you microwave paper coffee cups.


When the waterproof layer melts due to high temperatures, the coffee within the cup will seep through the paper and run out, dirtying your microwave.

Fire Hazard

The materials that make paper cups are highly flammable, so it’s not surprising that a fire occurs during the heating process of a paper cup. Even worse, it might produce an explosion, destroying your microwave.

Spoil Your Drink

In the lucky case, your cup doesn’t break completely. But the problem is that adhesives exposed to high temperatures will melt, and the smell of the melted glue will blend into your coffee. As a result, your coffee will no longer taste good.

Health Problems

Many previous studies have proven that compounds in glues, resins, and waxes are harmful to your health. In particular, some plastics leak chemicals such as estrogen into food and beverages, increasing oxygen production or even causing obesity. It is also particularly dangerous for women because it can have a negative effect on the female reproductive system.

How Long Can You Microwave Paper Cups?

The microwave time depends on the reheating temperature and the material of the paper cups. To be safe, you should adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations. But overall, make sure you do not microwave paper cups for an extended period of time – which is no longer than two minutes on medium heat!

How To Microwave Paper Coffee Cups Safely?

You may safely warm up your coffee by using a ceramic or glass cup. In case not available, you should opt for microwave-safe paper cups with a microwave-safe emblem on the bottom for optimal results.

Before using paper coffee cups in the microwave, you should follow the simple and safe rules that we will provide in this part. Also, be aware of the material of the paper cups as they can be dangerous when exposed to high temperatures.

Be careful not to leave your drink from overheating in the paper cup for a long time. In addition, even if you use a microwave-safe paper cup to reheat the coffee, do not forget to record the time and temperature.

Here are some important guidelines to follow:

Microwave-safe label checking

The first step is to make sure that the paper cup packaging has a microwave safety label. If yes, then you can completely set your mind at rest and start to reheat. Remember that the microwave must be set to the proper temperature and time.


You should remove the lid before putting it in the microwave. Because all lids are made of plastic, they will melt when exposed to high temperatures and affect the coffee inside the cup. The smell of plastic will also spoil the flavor of your coffee.

Time setting

Studies have shown that when reheating coffee, the cup is placed in the microwave and reheated for 60 seconds at a low temperature like a medium setting.

Temperature setting

Besides the timeframe, you should also check the microwave’s wattage before reheating (set the microwave to 50% power or use the warming function).

Regular stirring

Microwaves can not evenly heat anything. As a result, you must stir the hot beverage after each brief time to ensure equal heating.


Can you microwave paper coffee cups? Yes, you can, but only in case, you have no other choice. If it must be, remember to follow our simple and safe rules above!

It’s a pity that your favorite coffee has gotten cold, but we recommend you get another new cup. This way, you can experience the good taste of freshly brewed coffee instead of microwaving your paper coffee cup.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for our next article. See you then!


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