Can You Make Regular Coffee With Espresso Beans?

February 6, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle

Experienced drinkers should be aware that the beans impact the quality of their shots. That’s also where a question pops up of whether you can substitute that ingredient.

Why would you want to do such things? Because you’re craving regular coffee when your kitchen runs out of normal beans, and you’ve got some related stuff available! So, can you make regular coffee with Espresso beans? The answer lies in this post. Let’s take a peek!

Can You Make Regular Coffee With Espresso Beans?

The good news is yes! You can alternate regular beans with Espresso ones. Technically, these are quite similar.

However, these are the best choice to make the pour-over drink.  These seeds are roasted for a longer period than drip ones.

They are pounded into the finest powder, which looks like sand. It’s recommended to label each bean type so that you get exactly what you want.

What’s more, the way you brew a regular cup of Joe from strong black beans is no different from the other type. Still, it may taste a bit mild at times when you brew it to have a drip beverage, as it wasn’t born for that purpose.

Therefore, the difference between it and drip ones doesn’t lie in the material but in how you use them. For this reason, each barista will produce different types with different flavors, despite using the same ingredients and equipment.

What Are The Differences Between Espresso And Regular Coffee Beans?

Although you can completely substitute regular beans with Espresso ones, it’s better to learn the main dissimilarities between them. This knowledge will be helpful if you want to become a barista!


There are just minor distinctions between strong black and normal seeds. The difference is in how you prepare them.

In particular, the beans for Espresso are roasted for a longer period and crushed into the finest powder than normal ones. At the same time, you can roast the other one light or medium.

During that process, people would use one bean type for normal beans and mix roasted ones that are darker to make Espresso. Baristas often label them as Italian ones and use them regularly. Labeling the ingredient is commonly a tip for the most satisfying tastes produced by utilizing the precise bean.

That also indicates that you can utilize any bean variety to brew pour-over, Espresso, or drip drinks as long as you prepare them correctly. You should also choose the right machine for each method.


Another distinction between the two beverages is the method through which they are produced. To create a shot of strong black beans, you need to force especially hot water through densely packed grounds.

Then, a layer of crema appears at the top. This special look distinguishes it from others. It would help if you had a proper maker to achieve such an outstanding cup.

On the other hand, you can create the other type using more than just one technique. It can be pour-over, drip coffee, or through an immersion process which people often use to make French Press.

Amount Of Caffeine

The caffeine content is also a key difference between the two. Espresso contains a higher caffeine content per ounce compared to a cup of a normal shot.

Normally, a regular cup of Joe holds approximately eight oz of liquid and can have from 85 to 185 mg of caffeine. Meanwhile, an Espresso shot with about 1 oz may contain from 40 to 74 mg of caffeine content.

So, drinking a cup of Joe can give you more caffeine than a shot.


Despite stemming from the same bean variety, strong black ones are much stronger, more concentrated, and well-rounded than regular ones. Some people suppose it’s because the paper filter applied for making normal joe holds most of the bold flavoring to create a mellow taste.

How To Choose The Right Espresso Beans For Your Regular Coffee? 

The proper ingredient can lead you to succeed with this technique. You can decide whether the bean types are good or not depending on some important criteria as follows:

 The freshness: Coffee is essentially a fruit and processed product. You should examine its freshness first, just like when buying fruits.
 Roast profile: There are two types of beans, including roast and filter roast. The choice is up to which brewing method you’re aiming for.
 Origin: It might be surprising that those grown in different regions have different flavors. Just pick what aroma you prefer most!
 Processing: The brewing method is one of the most fundamental factors in making a nice cup of joe. Ensure that you choose the right technique to achieve your desired shot since any technique will unquestionably affect the flavoring of your beverage.

How To Make Regular Coffee With Espresso Beans?

Now that we have come to the most important section of this post. This section will walk you through all the required steps to create your normal java using the mentioned ingredient.

Ingredients And Tools

Before jumping into the step-by-step instructions, it’s better to prepare the necessary ingredients and equipment. Below are indispensable items you must have:

 A pour-over coffee maker
 A grinder
 A kitchen scale
 A kettle (either stove or electric)
 A cup


Let’s start this process like a barista!

Step 1: Grind The Beans

When making the normal beverage, measure 18 grams of water for every gram of joe. Weigh it using a scale so that you’re precise. If you want a stronger flavor, you will need to add more to your scale.

Start grinding it until you get medium grounds. That’s because they will work well with the pour-over or drip brewing technique.

How to make the flavor mild? The answer is to make the grounds coarser. If the stronger flavor is what you require, it’s best to use finer grounds.

Step 2: Rinse Your Filter Paper

The taste of the filter paper may affect the flavor of your cup of Joe. It should be cleaned before the brewing process. Put the filter paper into the machine, pour water over it, and then discharge it out from the brewer.

Step 3: Pour Your Freshly Ground Coffee Into The Filter

Use a stove or electric kettle to heat the water to between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. You’d better have a thermometer to best grasp the right temperature.

Allow 30 seconds for the boiled water to cool before using it.

Step 4: Set Up Your Cup On The Scale

Set up your cup on the scale while the water is heating up. Set the scale to zero to keep track of how much water is being poured.

Step 5: Bloom The Grounds

Blooming is essential because it supports preparing the final water pour to manage the grounds uniformly. So, be patient in this step! To bloom it evenly, just use enough water to soak them. Wait around 1 minute until the gas bubbles out.

After blooming for about 30 seconds, pour the required amounts of water. When pouring, remember to perform in a circular motion over the grounds. This action explains why it is called the pour-over brewing method.

Step 6: Serve It

Taste your beverage right away after brewing to determine that this flavor is what you are expecting. You can also add any extra flavorings like cinnamon powder or foam milk or any others you like.

FAQs Of Can You Make Regular Coffee With Espresso Beans

1. Can I Use A Coffee Maker To Brew Espresso?

The sad news is no. Coffee makers for drip ones can’t create true Espresso. That’s because it needs to experience forcing water through densely pressed grounds under the pressure of approximately 9 atmospheres. This is what a drip machine can’t perform.

However, you can use the concentrate brew mode on that machine to make a similar beverage if you find a specialized machine costly. That’s why most will buy another ordinary machine despite knowing that the flavor of the liquid may not satisfy their taste buds.

You can even pour enough water to saturate the grounds. Wait around 30 seconds, then pour more water. Discard the paper filter right after two ounces are gathered. This drink will be stronger than Espresso, and there won’t be any crema layer on top.

2. Can I Use Any Coffee To Brew Espresso?

Yes! As shared earlier, any roasted bean type can make this kind of drink. Provided that you utilize the right grounding method and equipment. For instance, higher heat and longer roasting periods are musts.

Still, to have an authentic cup, you’d better use the best grounds to get the strongest flavor.

3. Is There A Coffee Maker That Makes Regular Coffee And Espresso?

Yes, Nespresso is what you are asking for. You can use it to brew normal Joe or Espresso. This should be a must-have maker for any enthusiasts with compact, good-looking, and user-friendly features.

In A Nutshell

This post has finally got to the bottom of your concern: can you make regular coffee with espresso beans? Overall, you can use them to make a regular cup of Joe. The problem doesn’t lie in the essence of the beans but the brewing style.

We have also recommended some useful tips and detailed instructions to create drip coffee from this material.


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