Can You Make Espresso With French Press?

February 9, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle

You want to drink espresso at home, and you don’t have an espresso machine. So, can you make espresso with French Press? Please continue reading this article to find out the most accurate answer!

Can You Make Espresso With French Press?

The answer is Yes, you can brew Espresso with the French Press. This method produces a strong favor espresso,  it allows you to decide the strength of the coffee. You need to avoid the over-extension of the coffee or plain favor. But you don’t need to have any complicated machines or high-skill levels in barista.

The French Press has become the most popular method of making coffee in the world. So, a French Press is a coffee brewing method that you can make yourself a cup of coffee in the rush morning at home.

You just take a few short steps that are suitable for busy people, and the result may delight you. Easy-find ingredients and tools will make you surprised by how easy it takes.

If this is the first time using French Press, you have to follow the directions. It’s quite hard to maintain the constancy of taste between each of the brews.

The reason for using the French Press is to save your valuable time on the learning curve. As a coffee addict, you definitely can make a rich cup of coffee after a couple of practice sessions.

These presses appear in many large brands of coffee wares. They are popular because they are cheaper than other kinds of art types of equipment.

You will have a great experience conveying great value as a professional barista. You can even make two or three cups at the same time for your family.

French Press is one of the well-known methods in the world for making coffee. But, how to make it?

We will tell you why to pick French Press to substitute for the Espresso machine in the following sections. If you’re impatient to learn how to use the French Press, skip to the end.

What Is The French Press Method?

The French Press is a tool that helps us make a rich taste daily cup of coffee. Its structure consists of:

 A cylindrical pot
 A plunger
 A filter that separates hot water from ground coffee.

It brews coffee by steeping coffee grounds in hot water. If you wonder how to make espresso with a French Press? Can you use espresso beans in a French Press? Let’s find out the answers.

Pros & Cons Of The French Press Method


 The coffee is the purest because it passes through a simple filter.
 It helps you to save time by making many cups at a time.
 You can use it to make other drinks such as loose-leaf tea or cold-brewed coffee.
 Because it is a craft coffee maker, the price is more affordable than other coffee machines.
 Easy to clean each part after using and to bring it away.


 You need to prepare some device to boil water.
 If you lack experience, you may be embarrassed in measuring the water. The process will result in a watery flavor.
 If you don’t be careful, it will have the coffee dregs in the bottom of your coffee cup.

Why Pick The French Press Method To Make Espresso?

As the pros we mentioned, there are plenty of reasons why you should pick the French Press method to make espresso.

You are a classic follower, and this way will give you the most traditional taste of espresso. The device also is the best selection for those who want to make coffee in a cost-effective way.

There are many sizes and models at a reasonable price that you can choose as you need. A simple French Press will help you clean up and bring it anywhere easily.

The Difference Of Making Espresso By French Press From Traditional Espresso

You can not expect French Press to make authentic Italian espresso. This manual-operated device does not create the pressure required to extract the espresso.

However, with certain tips, you can enhance the taste of espresso in your brew. One of the first ideas is to increase the ratio of coffee grounds to water when using French Press.

How To Make Espresso With A French Press?

It would help if you prepared a French Press, found in-store or online platforms. Can you use Espresso beans in a French Press? Yes, it would be best if you also had Espresso beans and water.

A coffee grinder is perfect to make the finest coffee grounds. You have to prepare a measuring tool and a spoon to stir the coffee.

It will help if you ground the coffee bean. Ground coffee will extract when the hot water gets through. You can do some small tests to make different sizes of grounds.

It helps you to figure out which size would work with your press. Your grinder has to have different modes so you can choose the perfect modification.

The next step is to warm up your press. You need to boil the water and then remove the plunger part of the press.

Then pour water into the press and spread over to heat the glass. It will ensure the glass stays at a high temperature when you make espresso.

Then, it’s time to add coffee. This step is up to your personal preferences to customize the perfect amount of coffee grounds as taste.

The general standard requires about 0,7 oz of coffee per cup of water. But you can measure for double or triple based on which capacity of the press you use.

It would be best if you let the coffee bloom to get the most flavor of coffee. This tip helps the grounds liberate its natural oil.

Put in about 1/4 cup of water to make the ground humid but not saturated. This step will take 30 seconds, so you need to move to the next step right after that.

Now you need to pour the boiled water. It should be perfect at 195-205 Fahrenheit. So when the water boils in the kettle, wait 30 seconds and pour in the water.

Give a quick stir to avoid the ground sticking together. Now, let your brew work for about 4 minutes. If you want a brew of more caffeine, you can steep the ground for longer.

Now, you need to clear the grounds. You can clear the coffee by slowly pushing down on the plunger towards the bottom of the press. If you push too hard, it may ruin your ingredients or shatter the glass.

Finally, pour your expresso into your containers and enjoy it. Remember to press down the plunger, so you don’t taste bitter when enjoying it.

You can make your coffee more interesting by adding your favorite flavor. Try out caramel, heavy whipping cream, hazelnut aroma, or sugar-free syrup to increase the flavor.

Somebody would like to add foam into their brew. You can heat the milk in the microwave, then take it out before it starts boiling.

Shake it for 30-60 seconds in the container with a lid. Then put the container back in the microwave in 30 seconds. Then spoon your forth on top of the espresso.

Now we recommend our recipe. You may follow these steps to have a quality cup of espresso:

What do you need?

 A French Press
 Your favorite kind of coffee beans
 A Grinder
 A measuring tool such as a scale or a tablespoon
 8.45 fl oz water.
 A smartphone or a clock as a timer
 A cup

Step-by-step Recipe

 Step 1: Using two tablespoons or taking 1 oz coffee beans to the grinder. Remember that dose for a cup of water.
 Step 2: While grinding coffee beans, you need to boil water. Make sure that the heat is 185-205 degrees Fahrenheit.
 Step 3: Take the ground coffee into its press. Then pour half of the boiled water into this and wait for the coffee to bloom (1-2 minutes).
 Step 4: Pouring the rest of the water and stirring. Then you need to wait about 3 minutes for steeping time. The longer time, the stronger coffee is.
 Step 5: Press the plunger of the French Press with slow strength. Start plunging halfway and back to the top. Then it would help if you plunged to the bottom in the end.
 Step 6: Pour into the cup and enjoy your end-product.

If you like a sweet espresso, you can add some milk. Remember to take the correct amount of ingredients and exact time to have a perfect espresso!

Final Thoughts

Now you have the answer to the question: Can you make espresso with French Press? With just a few tips we mentioned, you can have a homemade Italian espresso.

Our recipes are built based on personal experience and preferences. It will take some tries before you can find the ideal formula for your choice.

Continue reading other ideas on this site. Thank you for reading.


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