6 Effective Methods On How To Make Coffee Without A Filter

November 26, 2021 by Madelyn Doyle

Coffee is an indispensable daily drink for most people. Normally, to make coffee delicious and full of quality, brewing with a filter is the best choice, but what if you do not have a coffee filter or do not have time to prepare it?

Don’t worry; the following article will share with you how to make coffee without a filter very conveniently and quickly and still enjoy the rich flavor of the drink. Let’s refer to offline!

How To Make Coffee Without A Filter?

The Stovetop Method

With this method, you can make a cup or even a pot of delicious coffee right on your stovetop without the need for a filter. Here are the important steps that any barista who wants to use the stove should know, keep these steps in mind:

Preparing instruments:

 Small pan
 Ground coffee

Following these steps:

First, you put a little more water than the amount of coffee you want to make into the pan. You should add more water because in cooking, it will lose some, and some will soak into the coffee grounds.

Then you proceed to boil the coffee with the burner on medium-high. You need to pay attention to stirring the coffee to avoid burning the base of the pan. You should open the lid of the pan and boil the coffee for about two minutes.

You turn off the stove and let the pot sit for four minutes so that the residue settles to the bottom of the pot. Finally, you slowly pour the coffee from the pot into the cup, add your favorite flavor and start enjoying it.

Cold Brew Method

Instead of making traditional strong coffee, there is another unique way to make coffee with just a simple tool – cold brew. The taste of coffee is similar to the filter coffee cups that we usually use all morning to enjoy them. You will need a towel or a double-layer cheesecloth for this method.

Here are the steps to do it:

1.Add 83 grams or 2.9 oz. ground coffee in the pot
2.Mix the ratio between coffee – water is 1:6, about 500 ml of water. This ratio helps the mixed water to be more concentrated. However, if you don’t have a measuring device, you can add about 6 cups of water. It will be perfect to use a measuring scale, which is accurate and helps the coffee taste better.
3.Mix the mixture and stir well with a spoon
4.Cover the jar and refrigerate for 7 to 12 hours, you can also brew longer, but this is unnecessary.
5.Place a towel or double-layer cheesecloth over the top of the pot to pour cold brew coffee into. Towels or grounds will help filter the coffee and grounds.
6.Add your favorite ice and flavor to your coffee and enjoy. If you want to drink denser, mix it with the ratio of coffee and water is 1:1; if you prefer a thinner drink, mix it with a ratio of 1: 2.

Mesh Strainer Method

You will need a strainer with a two-sided mesh sieve and small holes to filter your coffee grounds for this method. If you have a regular strainer, it will not be easy to do. And here are the steps to make coffee without using a filter:

Tools to prepare:

 A mesh strainer
 Freshly new coffee grounds
 Some cups of water
 One coffee cup

Steps to proceed:

1.Boil a pot of water and let it cool a bit
2.Put a mesh strainer on the rim of the cup
3.Place coffee into the strainer
4.Fill the coffee full of water and wait for it a few minutes to brew
5.Remove the filter and start enjoying the results

Paper Towel Method

Using paper towels to replace the coffee filter is a quick, effective way. However, the quality of the coffee will not be as good as that of the filter.

You can use two or three paper towels if you want to recreate the thickness of the paper filter. It would help if you did not pour too many coffee grounds in to avoid them spilling out.

However, using paper towels instead of filters is not a long-term solution because it does not comply with food safety regulations such as coffee filters.

And here are the steps:

1.Place the paper towel on the coffee maker filter basket and press it down
2.Put a little water on the tissue to keep it in place to prevent it from turning over
3.Place the second towel on the basket, rotate it perpendicularly, and press it down
4.Put the ground coffee in and avoid filling it higher than the paper towel
5.Brew as normal
6.You can cut the corners of the tissue if you can not close the lid.

Microwave Method

Many people wonder if it’s okay to make coffee in the microwave. If you do not have a coffee maker, you can use a microwave instead. The microwave still ensures the delicious taste of coffee without having to wait too long, and here are the steps:

Preparing instruments:

 Your frequently used microwave
 Freshly new ground coffee
 Some cups of water
 One coffee cup

Steps to brew:

1.Get a cup of water and heat it in the microwave; you should not boil it.
2.Place the coffee in the cup. Stir well until you see its texture is fine.
3.Let it sit and brew for a few minutes.
4.Add your favorite flavor and enjoy it

Socks Method

If you don’t have a coffee maker, a sock will help you make a cup of coffee. The sock will help filter the coffee residue. However, it would help if you had a clean, disinfected sock. This is only a temporary solution, not a safety measure for you to make regular coffee.

And here are ways to help you do it:

1.Boil water
2.Put socks in the tub, pour hot water just boiled to disinfect
3.Place the sock on the rim of the cup, fasten it, and put the coffee grounds in
4.Slowly pour hot water over the coffee grounds. Coffee will be extracted into your cup.
5.Take off your socks and add your favorite flavors

Depending on your preference, you can add water and adjust it. If you fancy a thicker drink, you can leave it as is or just add a little water.

If you want to enhance the taste and strength of your coffee, you can leave the sock with the coffee grounds in the cup for about one or two minutes.

What Are Other Coffee Filters Alternatives?

If you do not have a filter, don’t worry, there are other options available to you at home as a temporary replacement for a coffee filter. Here are the options that you can consider using.


The cheesecloth will be an effective alternative, but not everyone has it at home. It is also known as muslin cloth; this fabric is used when you make jams or cakes. If you don’t have a cheesecloth available, you can use other items.

Tea Towel

A tea towel is also a suitable alternative to a coffee filter. However, you must make sure to clean it before use to avoid food odors or any other odors clinging to your coffee cup. It is a bit wasteful since you will have to wash it afterward, but it can be good work. You can filter through a drip machine after stewing your coffee in a pot.


Another alternative method you can use to filter your coffee is pantyhose. Although it may not sound very safe, pantyhose can be used if you wash them clean and disinfect them. However, you need to choose a pair of tights without holes because it only takes a small hole to let your coffee scum down the cup.

Cheap cake liners

Cheap cake liners can replace the coffee filter, and it is considered a leak-free replacement. Therefore, this tool can effectively and quickly filter coffee grounds. However, if you see cheap cake liners that leak, you’ve probably bought a fake.

Reusable tea bags

This solution is the ultimate perfect one that we offer to replace the coffee filter. However, finding a reusable tea bag is difficult. If you have some, it would be a great and simple solution. 

You only need to put a few teaspoons of fine ground in a tea bag and steep it for about two or three minutes. You can use it directly or add milk or flavor depending on your preference.

Final Thoughts

This article has shown how to make coffee without a filter, which is both simple and quick and still retains the flavor of this drink. Hopefully, these things will help you get more alternatives when you want to make your coffee! 

However, the above are only temporary solutions. Making coffee with a filter or coffee machine is always safer and more convenient than other tools.


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