3 Useful Ways Of How To Clean Milk Frother

July 24, 2021 by Madelyn Doyle

Every coffeeholic must have pondered about how to clean milk frother at least once in their lifetime. This appliance is simple to clean off, but not every milk frother fits all cleaning methods.

For this reason, we have composed this informative article for you. Scroll down to discover this issue!

How To Clean Milk Frother?

This section will discuss the cleaning method for three separate milk frother types: Handheld, electric, and manual milk frother.

Handheld Milk Frother

We can’t deny that the handheld milk frother is the easiest appliance to clean out of the three types. Because this tool is extremely compact, easy to hold, and does not come with lots of electric wire. 

You can take a soapy sponge and wipe the milk frother immediately after use. Then, clean it under warm water, take a wet cloth to wipe the upper part,  and your frother will be as clean as a new one. 

For dirt or stains that are harder to remove, you can try the alternative method below.

 Prepare a cup of a mixture of warm water and one or two drops of washing-up liquid. 
 Dip the whisk head of your handheld milk frother into the cup, switch it on and leave it running for up to 15 seconds. 
 Turn off the appliance and take it out.
 Empty the glass, rinse it quickly, and repeat the process, but this time with clean water only.

This method helps wash away any leftover detergent in your handheld milk frother and make it sparkling right away. 

Noticeably, try not to moisten the electrical part, or else you’ll damage your device. Make sure to wipe your appliance with a dry cloth to prevent further damage.

Electric Milk Frother

An electric milk frother is more difficult to clean than a handheld one as it consists of more parts and runs on electricity. Let’s see what we have to do with this type of milk frother.

 Let your machine cool enough before removing the milk jug, or carafe, from the base unit and dismantling other removable parts. 
 In case some parts of the frother are dishwasher-safe, you can place them into the dishwasher machine and press the button for the sake of your convenience. Still, it will be best to hand wash the device with warm water but not submerge it in water. 
 Use a sponge or cloth without abrasive detergent to remove all the stuck milk jugs then. Feel free to scrub the non-stick inner coating gently to wash any stains or caked milk remaining on the bottom away. 
 Do not attack the layer by using a metal knife or spoon to clear the burnt foam, as it will harm your tool’s coat. Dish liquid, lemon juice, or any soft detergent are acceptable to break down the stubborn milk protein buildup. Pour some liquid into the jug and leave it for up to 15 minutes. 

It is worth mentioning that you have to wash the whisk and the frothing disk separately, and the solution of warm water and soap will help a lot.

 Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the exterior whisk and keep it from scratches and tarnish. Remember that you must not use soap or any chemicals for stainless steel. You only need to gently scrub the unit until all the stains are gone.
 In the case of the frothing disks, you can clean them under a tap with warm water. If necessary, add dish soap and brush it. Be careful with the fragile whisks during the cleaning process. 

When you’ve done the cleanup, take a dry cloth to wipe the milk frother, assemble all the parts, and store it for later use.

Manual Milk Frother

Some manual frothers require hand washing to prevent damage. In this case, you can get your rubber gloves and do the cleanup. 

One thing to keep in mind, remove the plunger and a mesh screen from the jug first. Use a soapy solution to wash, and rinse those parts under a running tap once again. This process will clean away all the soap suds and milk. 

Don’t forget to dry the mesh thoroughly after cleaning if you do not want to let them rust. 

About your jug, you need to wipe away all the milk deposits from the jug with the help of a soft soapy sponge. Letting the lemon juice remain in the unit for a couple of hours to remove the stubborn burnt-on milk will benefit your process.

Drying the milk frother carefully with a soft cloth will ensure no further issues to your tool.

Noticeable Things While Cleaning Milk Frother

For safety, you must unplug the appliance before cleaning, especially the electric milk frother, to avoid exposure of electric parts to moisture. 

Prevention is always better than cure. Always rinse your milk frother immediately to prevent caking milk residues on the bottom of the unit so that you won’t have to clean it before using it next time.

Abrasive sponges are not suitable for cleaning any home appliances with an easy-to-wear-off coat. On top of that, you cannot use chemicals for cleaning this device because they will cause discoloration and rust. As we have mentioned above, metal objects are also not suitable to scrub milk residue.

If you can’t wash your frother right after using it, at least try to do the cleanups periodically, weekly, or fortnightly for a shiny milk frother.

To Sum Up

When you plan to buy any household utilities, your priority must be to clean and extend their lifespan. Of course, you can freely choose which cleaning option suits you and then opt for a suitable machine.  

Our article on how to clean milk frother above has shown all the necessary information for you to effectively do the job. We bet that it has replied to all your questions already. Good luck, and we wish you a wonderful experience.


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