A List Of Good Coffee Shop Name Ideas

February 8, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle

You’re probably reading this because you are currently in the process of opening a coffee shop. Congratulations! When starting up your own business, there are many things to consider, but it’s an exciting endeavor that can lead to success. One thing you might be wondering about is what name to give your new coffee shop.

The best coffee shop names are catchy, witty, and memorable. They should also be short enough to fit on a sign or logo. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own coffee shop, here’s a list of our favorite coffee shop name ideas!

How To Name Your Coffee Shop?

The decision of what to call your coffee shop is one that will help you set the tone for success!

Your coffee shop needs to have a name that is memorable, catchy, and inspiring. It should be something people will associate with you as the owner or feel warmer towards in order for them to want their own cup from your establishment!

When it comes to creating a memorable company name, you might feel like the options are limited even if there is an abundance of creativity out in society and in your mind running wild with possibilities! At some point or another, we all want something which stands apart from others that has its own personal touch.

Besides, having a coffee shop name that hasn’t been used before will ensure you can stand out from the competition and capitalize on your unique flavor. The last thing we want as a personal service is for everything we create to be secondary!

Get Inspired And Brainstorm!

If you’re starting a new project, the first step is often the most daunting. You may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by all of your options and not know where to begin – so it’s best to approach this unfamiliar territory with an open mind!

Get your creative juices flowing and start brainstorming. Name a few categories such as clients, atmosphere, or location!

Get out that notepad, as you will need it from here on to create an amazing list of potential new business names. It will be best if you write these ideas clearly, so they can be reviewed later when time permits!

You should never forget the idea behind your business. What are you envisioning? How can people get involved with it? It’s important for everything tied together by the brand and name, so make sure it reflects the personality of the business!

When you’re thinking about the type of coffee that your customers want, it’s important to know what they are drinking and where. So, start by listing all different types in one place like city or neighborhood name. From there, make a list of specific drinks your business will offer.

Making connections is a crucial part of branding, and it’s easy if you have an idea. Start by identifying the city in which it will be located! If you decide that your new business is going to operate out of Seattle, then what comes into mind might include words like “rain” or even specific geographical features such as mountains within the region.

All these terms have become associated over time with this area, so they can easily become a catchy name for your shop as well!

One of the most important aspects of choosing a name for your company is determining what kind of clientele you want it to attract. If there’s something in particular, such as moms or students that are looking at coffee shops and cafes, this can help guide decisions about your logos and names!

What type of atmosphere is your coffee shop looking for? If you want to create an inviting and calming space in which people can enjoy caffeine, then be sure to write this down! If it’s a place where people can enjoy caffeine in peace and tranquility, then write down “calm” or something similar for their desired output tone of voice. On the other hand, if they’re looking for some liveliness from time to time, we recommend writing “lively.”

If you’re looking for a unique coffee shop name, why not try naming the business after yourself? Another way to make your branding more appealing is by using sweet or savory words in the name. You could try out something like “hot cocoa with homemade sugar sprinkles on top,” for example, which has an enticing flavor that will attract people’s attention right away!

The more you think about it, the easier this becomes. Once your categories are brainstormed and connected together in an interesting way (for example a cafe located on bustling 5th Street with its soothing music), take time to write them down, so there is no mistake or confusion later when remembering!

When you’re looking for the perfect name, it’s important to keep in mind that a coffee shop is often more than just a business. You need something with personality and character – which means going through some brainstorming.

When coming up with new ideas on how best to describe your establishment or what type of quality service will be provided within its walls (even if these aren’t specific requirements), use this technique: take any word from each category listed below–these are called adjectives-and combine them together as though they were one adjective.

If you need some inspiration on the naming of your new coffee shop, take a look through other similar businesses’ social media. Browse Facebook or Instagram, and check out what they’ve come up with a name for themselves! Make sure to make notes if there are any that sound good.

Maintain The Brand And Business Story (And Include Coffee Shop)

A great business name should be able to depict what you want for your coffee shop’s image and reputation in the community. You can have a vision for yourself, or maybe just an idea of how others see it.

Do you want it simple and straightforward so people can easily find their way? Or would colorful lettering or logos better suit the aesthetic of what customers expect from local businesses in this area?

Otherwise, the best names for coffee shops are friendly, professional, and clearly articulate the mission statement of the business.

Your name tells the story of you. It’s not just about where you’re going; it also introduces who you are and what led up to starting your business in that first place. Indeed, your name will tell the world about who you are and what to expect from your business.

It should introduce all aspects of it: location, the story behind why this brand decided on opening up shop in such an interesting place as themselves, how they got started with coffee brewing altogether… everything!

You know that deep down, there is something you want to say. Once we find out what it is and how people will react in general with this name for their business, we can choose a perfect name!

You’ve been thinking about what makes a good coffee shop, and you’ve come up with an idea: instead of trying to attract people by having the latest and greatest gadgets, why not create an environment that’s friendly?

The closer your customers feel like they’re at home; maybe the name will make them want to order something along those lines. Then, what kind of name would suit this space better than one which sounds inviting or even cozy sounding like “Home Away From Work”?

It’s important to narrow down the list of finalists before moving on to the next steps. Make sure you have two or three names left because that will keep your options open!

Make Sure It’s Available

Make sure you check the name of your business against any existing trademarks before registering it, as this can help avoid costly lawsuits.

You don’t want your cafe name to be lost among the other cafes on social media. Double-check that you have enough time and money for a business Twitter handle, Instagram profile, or email account before going through with registering one of these services!

Google is a great way to get started when trying to find out if the name you want falls into any trademark agreements. Just enter your desired title in Google and see what comes up, or try variations on it such as “name,” “the name of my business,” etc., without spaces between words, so they appear individually instead of highlighted together.

You should always be aware of the laws in your area when choosing a name for any business. While it might seem like all trademarks are registered with the government, this is not true – many have been taken by other companies before they were officially filed or announced publicly, so you need to do some research beforehand!

Additionally, even if the name is not trademarked, you still want to make sure it’s not “taken” in a different way. Without legal parameters, this can be more subjective, but essentially check your local area and see whether there are other businesses using that title or similar moniker nearby. Maybe one just opened up down the street from where you’re planning on opening? If so, then maybe reconsider before going forward with something too close.

After checking neighborhood availability and checkmark, you may have to cross off some of your top contenders. That’s okay; it makes deciding easier!

Tips While Finalizing A Coffee Shop Name

Here are some notes on naming coffee shops that you must take into consideration before coming up with the final one!

1.Keep it sweet, simple, and short.
2.Avoid names that are hard to pronounce or remember
3.Make Facebook poll
4.Ask for advice from your partner
5.Get some reviews from your family
6.Throw the Naming party.

List Of Name For Coffee Shop

Modern Cafe Names

 No Doze Cafe
 Ritual Bistro
 Red Raven Espresso Parlor
 RJ Cafe & Bistro
 Tatiana’s Cafe
 Mutiny Information Cafe
 Pour & Rich
 The Hideout
 Roads & Rivers
 Night Shift Brewing
 Morning Kich
 Rocket Bistro
 A Busy Bean
 Muddy Cup
 Rosebud Cafe
 Morning Blend
 Steamy Coffee
 Mood Lift Cafe
 Rise Cafe
 Mr. Bean
 Paris Mornings
 Retro Coffee
 Shine & Rise
 Octane Bistro

Elegant Cafe Names

 Paris Mornings
 Smooth Brew
 Lovely Caffee
 Coffee Carmaderie
 Jone’sStir Brew
 Drip Coffee
 Cherry Street Tea
 Spice & Sugar
 Copa Tea
 Sugar Spice
 Coffee Connoisseurs
 Club of Tea
 Bistro Caffee
 Sherman Java
 Metropolis Coffee
 Caffee Sweets
 Coastal Café
 Cascade Coffee
 Daily Grind
 Seaside Cafe
 Cafe Du Monde
 Teabar Coffee
 Joe’s Cup
 City Tea & Stacks
 Cream n’ Sugar
 Sugar & Cream
 Dawn Cafeteria
 Cafe Delicioso
 Link Coffee Bar
 Crema Coffee
 Cafe Connections
 Evoke Espresso
 The Café Breed Inc
 Crema House

Trendy Cafe Names

 Grinders Café
 The Alley Cafe
 Rojo’s Roastery
 Convoy Coffee
 The Coffee Bean
 Gardenhouse Coffee
 Balcony Cafe
 Steamin’ Mugs
 Rendezvous Cafe
 Octane Coffee
 Bulletproof Coffee
 Spiced Chai Cafe
 Skylight Cafe
 Seven Coffee Roasters
 Street Bean Coffee Roasters
 Starship Cafe
 Rich and Pour
 Screamin’ Beans
 Queen Anne Coffee
 Pour Professionals
 Night Shift Brewing Coffee
 Drip Cafe
 Gracenote Coffee
 Java House

Hipster Coffee Shop Name

 Hot Grind
 Pine Tree Coffee
 Honor Tea & Coffee
 ​​Crema Coffee House
 Owl Coffee
 Queen Anne Coffee
 Torpedo Coffee
 Spiced Chai Cafe
 Cream & Beans Cafe
 Manhattan Mocha
 The Coffee Club
 Split Bean
 The Grind
 Steamin’ Mugs
 Screamin’ Beans
 Candle Cafe
 Hugs with Mugs
 Snack & Sip
 Stylish Kafe
 Grind Trail
 Impresso Espresso
 Town Roasters
 Grind Vibe

Creative Coffee Shop Naming Ideas

 Fluid Coffee
 Beans & Sons
 Brewed Awakening
 Kaffee Klatch
 Mojo’s Mocha
 Green Beans & Ham
 The Brew Crew
 Ancient Coffee
 Café Delicioso
 Coffee Pod
 Morning Brew
 Groovy Coffee

Cute Coffee Shop Names

 Charming Cafe
 Aroma Espresso
 Big Cup Coffee
 Heaven Coffee Bean
 Coffee Beanery​​
 Bean Flicker

Funny Coffee Shop Names

 Just Bean It
 Sleepless Coffee
 Couples Therapy
 The Brewer’s Hideout

Spanish Coffee Shop Names

 Café Noi
 Café Mission
 Cafe Manana
 Cerveza Y Mas
 Chica Latte
 Aroma de Cafe
 Cafe Dulce
 Tres Macchiatos

French Cafe Names

 Four O Nine
 Maison Akira
 Le Cassa
 Cercle Rouge
 Le Café Tournon
 Rue Pierre

Bookstore Names

 The Bookmark
 Torn Pages
 The Distant Journey
 The Author’s Spot
 Readables Coffee
 The Hardcover


The blog post was written with the intent to help you find a name for your coffee shop. We hope that we were able to give you some inspiration and ideas to come up with a perfect, catchy name for your business. Keep in mind what tone of voice best suits your target audience and how it will resonate through social media marketing channels like Facebook or Instagram posts.

As mentioned above, the purpose of your coffee shop name is to draw in customers. You want a name that sounds friendly, inviting, and professional so people will feel good about visiting your store. It’s up to you whether you want a creative, punny name or one with the meaning behind it. Thank you for reading this blog, and we hope that you will come up with good coffee shop name ideas!


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