Can You Brew Coffee Beans Without Grinding Them? (5 Easy Steps)

February 7, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle

A morning cup of coffee will be the utmost way to start a working day. But sometimes, you will be tired of grinding the beans and want to try a new way of brewing coffee without making a mess.

Then, can you brew coffee without grinding them? If yes, how to do this, and what benefits will it bring to you? Luckily, we have all the information needed right here! Check this article to solve your queries within a couple of minutes.

Can You Brew Coffee Beans Without Grinding Them?

The answer is Yes. Grinding the coffee does not change the coffee’s taste but helps brew the coffee beans faster when mixing with water. The method is extremely easy to implement and can be completely useful in case you do not have a coffee grinder. The only downside is that its brewing speed is quite slow compared to ground coffee.

How To Brew Coffee Beans Without Grinding?

Go through five simple steps, and you will have a cup of coffee from whole coffee beans! What are you waiting for? Let’s discover how to make the concoction!

Step 1: Measuring The Coffee Beans

Prepare a mason jar and put about three-quarters of a cup of beans into it.

Step 2: Filling Up Hot Water

Use hot water to fill about 3/4 of the jar. At this point, the coffee beans tend to float slightly more than before.

Step 3: Immersing The Jar In Water

Place the jar neatly into the saucepan; then fill it with water. Pay attention to the amount of water in the saucepan to see if it is equal to the water level inside the mason jar or not.

Step 4: Simmering And Stir

Turn on the stove and start cooking until the water boils. Then you have to put the saucepan down and stir the beans for about an hour. After half an hour, you will realize that the water has begun to appear the characteristic color of coffee.

Step 5: Straining And Enjoying

In this stage, you need to prepare a cup and place a sieve on top. Then pour the coffee over it, and you should be able to separate the beans from the coffee cup completely. Keep in mind this process can burn you if you’re not careful, so use gloves!

Filtered coffee has a strong taste. It’s best to dilute it with hot water until you get the flavor that satisfies you.

Why Should You Make Coffee Without Grinding?

Making coffee without the use of a grinder brings a lot of benefits. If you are clueless about that, then find out more details about its two advantages!

No Worries Of An Uneven Grind

Blade grinders can sometimes cause the cup of coffee to taste worse than when you brew it with whole beans. Why does that happen?

The reason is that the blade grinder chops up all these different-sized pieces. That affects how they are ground and brewed at varying rates, leading them towards being under-extracted (sour, weak) or over-extracted (bitter, strong).

Our advice is, unless you intend to buy an expensive grinder, you might be better not grounding your beans. Brewing whole coffee beans will be the optimal idea for this case.

No Worries About Coffee Beans Deteriorate After Grinding 

Although grinding coffee does not change the coffee taste, it will create favorable conditions that adversely affect coffee beans. For more information, take a look at the four reasons why coffee beans deteriorate after grinding.

1. Oxidation Sets In

The coffee beans contain some compounds giving your cup of coffee a unique aroma and nice flavor. These unstable molecules can change their composition through contact with air.

The combination between these compounds and air molecules in this process releases a certain aroma from the beans. It’s the reason making coffee is so popular among people who enjoy their drinks strong yet gentle on taste buds!

The longer oxidation undergoes, and the worse taste ground coffee will have. If you grind your beans right away, they will be more flavorful; but if you don’t consume them quickly, their flavor begins to deplete over time. That is how “oxidation” affects our coffee.

Take a piece of apple as a prime example of oxidation. After prolonged exposure to air, the apple pieces will immediately turn red. Your coffee also suffers the same oxidation, yet it’s quite hard to realize.

2. Carbon Dioxide Depletion

Coffee beans have some types of oils, which create a unique flavor. Thanks to carbon dioxide (the catalyst), these oils can transfer without any trouble. However, they can easily escape through grounding surface area- that’s why the ground coffee will lose most of its taste!

The porous nature of coffee beans makes the storing process more difficult than ever. If your brewing coffee does not have an airtight container or storage method (such as jars or vacuum-packed), it will slowly deplete over time.

3. Exposure To Moisture

Coffee beans have several types of oils that are vulnerable to hot water. Those oils will make the rich flavor come out and give you an awesome aroma!

Nevertheless, even just moisture from outside or around coffee beans is enough to hasten this dissolving process. So after grinding, you’d better not use too much water to brew your coffee.

4. Contamination Of Flavor

The pre-ground coffee beans will easily catch strong odors in your kitchen, especially in the refrigerator. When stored, these coffee beans might even pick up an onion smell or leftover crab curry sitting around for too long.

If you’re not into drinking coffee with some terrible smells, then consider whole brewing beans! It is the best idea to save time and avoid messing up things. Allow yourself to enjoy the healthiest brewing coffee!

Wrapping Up

Brewing coffee without grinding the beans will make your cup of coffee greater than ever. Also, it saves you some time and makes things easier for everyone in the household!

After this article, we hope you have enough information to answer the question – can you brew coffee beans without grinding them? – and everything related to it. So, roll up your sleeves and start making a delicious morning cup of coffee!


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