Breville Oracle vs Oracle Touch: What Coffee Machine Brands Will Win?

February 24, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle


No need to go out; you can still enjoy quality coffee at home. All you need is to buy yourself a coffee machine. Brands constantly launch smarter and more flexible machines, including Breville with two typical representatives, Breville Oracle vs Oracle Touch. So out of these two versions, which one is more suitable for you? Let us analyze their similarities and differences to answer this question.

Breville Oracle vs Oracle Touch: Specifications Chart

Breville worked hard on its designs to meet the needs of customers. Below is a quick summary of Breville Oracle and Oracle Touch’s characteristics.


Breville Oracle 

Oracle Touch


14.5″ x 14.7″ x 17.6″

12″ x 15″ x 14″

Water Tank Capacity

84 fl. oz.

84 fl. oz.

Bean Hopper Capacity

1/2 lb.

1/2 lb.




Heating System

Stainless Steel Dual Boiler

Stainless Steel Dual Boiler


LCD + Adjustable Grind Control

Programmable Full-Colored Touchscreen

Over Pressure Valve



Automatic Micro-Foam Milk Texturing










Brushed Stainless Steel

Brushed Stainless Steel, Black Truffle


2 Year

2 Year

Oracle Touch vs
Breville Oracle: The Similarities

As two prominent faces in Breville’s coffee machine product line, Breville Oracle and Oracle Touch have certain similarities as follows:

Fully Automatic

When it comes to manual coffee making, many people are often quite shy as it takes time to grind, determine proportions, mix, and create milk texture. This can be a big hurdle for busy people.

Aware of this concern, Breville products are 100% automated. Acting like a real barista, Breville Oracle and Oracle Touch will bring you delicious cups of coffee without much effort.

Whichever version you choose, they provide a great automated experience with custom scaling of components. Therefore, you can take advantage of other work while the machine is running and come back after it’s finished.

Precise Temperature Control

Everyone has different coffee preferences. Some people indulge in hot cups of coffee, while others prefer moderate temperatures. Breville worked hard on its design to make the products suit the needs of users in the home or office. Thanks to adjusting the temperature flexibly, the Breville Oracle and Oracle Touch are both coffee machines that you cannot ignore.

With digital temperature controls, these two versions allow users to always get the exact temperature for their coffee. Both machines can brew to the standard coffee shop temperature or the temperature you set.

Integrated Conical Burr Grinder

To enjoy the full flavor of your favorite coffee shop, you must grind the beans very well. That’s why the two Breville representatives both come with a high-quality grinder to produce the perfect cup of coffee. Whether you choose Breville Oracle or Oracle Touch, you’ll still have top-quality espresso.


One problem that gets a lot of attention from users is the maximum amount that a coffee machine can produce at one time. So, how many cups of coffee will you get with one brew? They share the same dosage according to the commercial machine standards, namely 22 grams in one machine. The built-in blender will automatically grind and measure at this number.

Oracle Touch vs Breville Oracle: The Difference

Besides the similar characteristics above, there are still some disagreements about the design and features between the two versions. Let’s get into a specific comparison to see which one is better.


After launching Oracle, Breville continues to satisfy coffee lovers with a version of Oracle Touch with more high-tech features than its older brother.

Let’s discuss the screens of these two coffee machines. Oracle Touch impresses because it allows users to manipulate directly on the touch screen. The screen of this version shows a full menu of different options such as espresso, latte, flat white, black coffee, or cappuccino.

All you need is to set the mode and wait for the coffee you have chosen with the same taste as the coffee shops. Except for the power button, the touch screen of Oracle Touch shows all you need.

Unlike its competitor, Breville Oracle uses an LCD screen to display information about the machine’s current temperature and operating mode. Instead of a light touch, this model requires the user to press physical buttons to adjust settings.

Another big plus for Oracle Touch is the “create and save” feature, which the previous version did not have. It allows users to save their works.

For example, you can save your exclusive recipes for density, milk texture, temperature, etc., then name it and add it to the menu list. The next time you use it, you can quickly make your favorite drink according to that built-in recipe. You can save up to 8 new recipes on Oracle Touch.


It is possible that because they are from the same manufacturer, the appearance of Breville Oracle and Oracle Touch looks quite similar, but there are still some slight differences.

Breville Oracle has buttons on the front, while its younger brother – Oracle Touch, has no buttons because it uses a more advanced touch screen. For the Oracle Touch, Breville upgraded the two buttons on the side for coffee bean extraction and Breville Oracle’s milky texture into one knob that works for both.

In addition, Breville has made some size adjustments; specifically, Oracle Touch is slightly larger than Oracle. Please pay attention to these small differences, so you don’t get confused when looking for a place to put it in your home.


Pricing is always the top priority when making any purchasing decision. When comparing the prices of these two versions, we can see a pretty big difference here. Due to fewer features, Breville Oracle costs much less than its house brother. Specifically, it can save you up to $500 compared to Oracle Touch.

However, a coffee machine is often quite expensive compared to some common kitchen appliances, so it is important that you carefully weigh your needs and budget. Make sure you don’t waste too much money on a coffee machine that’s more modern than you need.

A Quick Rundown of Breville Oracle


 Good price
 Compact, doesn’t take up much space
 Pretty big capacity
 Suitable for people who do not have many requirements


 Few features
 Old appearance

A Quick Rundown of Oracle Touch


 Multiple modes to choose from
 Easy to adjust by touch screen
 Modern “create and save” mode
 Big capacity
 Eye-catching, luxurious appearance


 Quite expensive
 A quite large size


Both Breville Oracle and Oracle Touch are good choices for those who want to enjoy coffee at home. Even so, Oracle Touch still wins the hearts of customers thanks to its convenience and more advanced features. This version is perfect for beginners or families with different tastes in coffee.

However, if you do not have high requirements for blending and features, then Oracle is also a good choice. Let’s make the most informed choices between Breville Oracle vs Oracle Touch based on your needs and budgetGood luck!


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