Bodum vs Chemex – The Ultimate Guide To Pick Up Your Pour Over

March 1, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle



Well-equipped pour-overs always appear to be one of the must-have items present in a coffee aficionado’s home. But have you ever found yourself in a pickle when choosing between Bodum vs Chemex?

Picking an adequate one among the massive market nowadays is pretty easy, but to find the most potential candidates that can satisfy even the harshest owner like these two? It must be a real effort!

If you are now ready for a chock-full feast of both vision and quality, let’s take a look at our in-depth comparison to see what you are missing out on!

Chemex vs Bodum Overview

Here come a few fundamental details compared between the Chemex Classic Eight Cup and Bodum Eight Cup pour-over coffee maker for you to check out!





8 cups (40 ounces)

8 cups (34 ounces)

Filter Style

Chemex filter

Reusable stainless steel filter

Coffee Maker Style

Pour Over

Pour Over

Color Options

8 options

1 option

Band Material



Glass Type

Borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass (double wall)


9 inches

9 inches


5.25 inches

5.5 inches

First of all, let’s have a glance at the Chemex. The design did a really good job at the slim hourglass shape and the sophisticated wooden materials.

But does this marvelous pour-over only possess a nice look? Those who have experienced its pure exquisite taste of coffee thanks to the exclusive thicker filter wouldn’t say so.

On the other side of the Bodum, it also offers a quite resembling display to the Chemex. The curves of shape would ease your mind whenever you give an eye on it. Each drop of coffee marks the passage of time just like the hourglass. Plus, Bodum’s price is even more budget-friendly than its competitor!

Then what’s the biggest distinctive difference between these two models? While other elements are pretty equivalent, the Bodum is outstanding with a reusable mesh filter made of stainless steel rather than a paper filter as in the Chemex.

Still, it can not yet say anything about your best choice at all. Keep on reading for further bettering information you may find useful!

Bodum vs Chemex Similarities

As we already brought up before, the similarity between the designs of these two promising coffee makers is undeniable. But this is not to call an over because other coincidences may interest you, too!

Take the common durable borosilicate glass in materials as a clear-cut illustration. With such high-qualified substances, they both provide us the possibility to have them washed in a dishwasher and endure the high temperature of a stovetop or a burner.

Besides, the parallel in brewing huge batches of coffee is also worth noticing for those who are bound to throw a big party with their coffee-obsessed pals! They can serve 8 cups at once, despite the different sizes.

Bodum vs Chemex Differences


When it comes to coffee makers, there is always the housing that impresses you in the first place.

As for the Chemex, although its flawless curved sleek shape is the main idea creating the elegant, eye-catching gravity, it does not just stop there. The delicate wooden material of the handle also contributes partly to such a visual satisfaction.

What if you don’t want that woody waist? It’s okay then. The manufacturers even get you a band-free option for irreducible preference.

Compared to its rival, though they do have a bit alike, the Bodum is still somewhat inferior. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean it is bad-looking. The design of Bodum can totally vanquish other trivial pour-overs in the market for its up-to-date and user-friendly equipment.

Yet, for those who search for an upper reaches to match with your well-bred spaces, the Bodum packed with the short form and silicon band is really not there at the tops of the list.

Rather, if you are hunting for a model that can easily fit in a modern kitchen or office hall, the Bodum with a multiple silicon sleeve color would be a perfect suit.

Size And Price

Both Bodum and Chemex run in a decent amount of sizes, which are both 8 cups.

The prices are another competitive concern to put on the table as well. The Bodum is much of a genuine bargain, we would say.

You perhaps might be pondering how come it happens? Well, here is how things work out: With the Bodum, you won’t need to face any extra money for running the appliance considering its dedicated permanent filter.

Conversely, Chemex digs deeper into your pocket, and you will have no choice but to lose about $10 to $15 for a pack of 100 paper filters.

You must complete the math by now and see where the budget-friendly title is heading to!

Taste Of Coffee

The flavor of coffee is indeed a more personal-like thing, so surely no one can tell whether it is or not tasteful to you. Especially with these two top-notch pour-overs, it’s even harder to pick up the better one.

As the Chemex’s outcome is a rich and strong brew, the Bodum tends to be weaker and sometimes bitter, which are both appealing standing on their own to coffee enthusiasts.

So no matter what your inclination is, you can rest assured they can all offer the far-fetched mouthful of taste anyway.


Possessing a Bodum pairing with a stainless steel filter must be real penny-wise. The only work you need to get done is washing it after having a nice batch of coffee.

Plus, this filter also features petite holes to boost the filtering procedure. Although its efficiency is beyond doubt, things seem not to work well with finely ground coffee since these holes can not bear them somehow.

Set against the Bodum’s is the Chemex’s one.  The latter is a bit backward in terms of convenience due to the temporary paper filters, but it does behold one-of-a-kind strong arms.

Offering thicker enough design to head on head with the traditional filters, this one actually gives a unique taste touch that can draw your attention incredibly.

The fierceness is now more and more severe with an altogether tie in this round!

Materials And Sustainability

Borosilicate glass is a familiar name commonly used in coffee makers due to its high heat resistance. That’s why it is predictable that this material also appears in these two prominent products.

As a result, all you have to do is to chill out and enjoy your moment of preparing a superb coffee batch without fearing any crack or shatter coming up. It’s even not yet to mention the fact that this high-quality, beneficial material does not stain or absorb coffee relish at all!

Though they both utilize the same type of glass, the Bodum comes with a double-wall, which is featured as great armor to keep heat better than ever. Far from it, the Chemex appears to be a bit more fragile with a single wall that guarantees nothing but just aesthetically pleasing.

Plus, Bodum seems to be more environmentally friendly than its opponent somehow: It builds up incredibly along with plenty of recyclable and nontoxic substances!

The first to come must be variously dishwashable and BPA-free plastic parts present in this model. Its particular durable filtered function has played a huge contribution as well.

Thanks to those helping hands featured in Bodum, we are ready to fancy our coffee-sipping while worrying nothing about harming the surroundings!

Then what’s about the Chemex? Although Chemex is not as much as Bodum, it still takes significant actions aiming to protect the environment.

It is not to mention the establishment of its own label in producing heavier paper filters than other conventional ones. That way, Chemex offers not only eco-friendly biodegradable options for users to choose from but also does great in giving the business an outsize marketing lift.

Quick Review Of Bodum


 Affordably priced.
 Permanent stainless steel filter that is environmentally beneficial.
 Band options include cork or silicone.
 Three sizes available


 Some silt might appear in your cup
 Less exquisite display

Quick Review Of Chemex


 Iconic and elegant design
 Plenty sizes available
 Strong, purest coffee
 High-end touch woody handle


 More costly
 Paper filters purchasing is compulsory

Which Is Better?

The comparison between Bodum vs Chemex is indeed a real cutthroat. This even-steven makes it a more severe effort to decide whether which side wins or loses in just a few words. But every party has come to an end, though.

That’s why as an eco-minded person, we would say Bodum in the first place. It’s affordable, healthy to the environment, and even safe enough to put into a dishwasher, minding nothing for your well-being. What else can be the reason for not choosing this whole breathtaking then?

The Bottom Line

Here comes the truth: You only get yourself the best pour-over if you carry it in the right direction. Nor we or you can’t be sure predicting whether your picking is a have-it-all to you or not. So why don’t you just give things a try and head to it your own way?

Hopefully, our Bodum vs Chemex comparison post can help you nail it somehow!


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