Black Coffee vs Espresso – Which One Is For You?

February 27, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle



When it comes to what to drink in the morning, coffee consumers have a lot of alternatives. Some like black coffee, while others prefer espresso.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to determine which is ideal to give you a burst of energy. This blog article will compare black coffee vs espresso and help you determine which one is best for you!

Quick Information About Black Coffee vs Espresso

What Is Black Coffee?

Black coffee is just another cup of coffee that will wake you up and refresh you. It includes no sugar or sweetener and is brewed with simply hot water to boost its caffeine! On any given day, you can’t go wrong with this drink.

What Is Espresso?

Espresso is a type of Italian coffee that is stronger than your average cup of joe. It has the deep, strong taste you desire in your morning wake-up or afternoon pick-me-up.

In an espresso machine, pressure hot water runs through finely-ground coffee beans to produce a perfect shot of espresso. What makes an espresso drink so delicious is the crema. This white material develops on top of a correctly done shot and sits there, awaiting your first taste!

Black Coffee vs Espresso – A Detailed Feature Comparison

Type Of Coffee Beans

Black coffee: Arabica beans are typically more popular since they create a superior taste coffee. Nevertheless, if you’re purchasing your roast from the store, you may still use Robusta for brewing.

Espresso: An Arabica bean is a must to make a superb espresso. When this variety of coffee is used in espresso, it is at its finest!

Grind Size

(grind size: black coffee medium; espresso: fine)

Utilizing the proper grind settings when brewing a great cup of coffee is essential. For your drink’s flavor and texture to appeal and meet the industry’s requirements, you must set up the espresso machine with a proper fineness value. It is often around 1/32 inch or 0.8 mm.

The ideal pour-over begins with the appropriate grind, which is often medium-coarse. It will be comparable in size and texture to French press beans when ground but less chunky overall.

Yet, not all pour-over brewers need a specific grind. This means you can use whichever medium-fine grinding level works best for your setup and still have a tasty cup!


The type of coffee you use can alter its taste, depending on whether it’s an Arabica or Robusta bean. For black coffee, an arabica bean will result in a smoother and sweeter flavor. At the same time, robustas give your drink more bitterness to it.

Meanwhile, espresso is the perfect drink for any coffee lover. It has all of your favorite flavors but with a bit more bitterness, a lightly sweet taste, and an acidic aftertaste that will make it even more addictive than ever before! The thicker texture comes from its crema, which we’re sure you can’t find in any other brew.

Caffeine Content

A single cup of black coffee contains only 8 ounces. That’s significantly less than typical commercial-sized cups of coffee. Still, each serving contains around 96 milligrams of caffeine! As a result, you should exercise caution while purchasing coffee from a large cup. We may recommend limiting your intake to no more than 400 mg per day.

It’s not always accurate to say espresso contains more caffeine than ordinary brewed coffee. Because one espresso serve is much smaller than its opponent. However, you can still up the game by having multiple shots.

Espresso has a caffeine content of 29-100 milligrams every single serving of 75mg/cup. Depending on the kind and brew, a cup of high-quality drip coffee can contain 80-200mg.


Black coffee is typically classified as acidic to some certain degree. Certain juices and sodas have been proven to be more acidic than black coffee at pH values around 4-5. Keep this in mind when selecting which drink might suit your mood better!

Is espresso less acidic than coffee?

Yes, but only by a little margin. Roasting a coffee bean for a longer time will result in less acidity. An espresso roast has a larger decomposition of beneficial chlorogenic acids, giving lighter roasts their acidic flavor. Thus it’s not as sour or bitter as other light and medium roasts.

The acidity in espresso will vary depending on the roast. The lighter roasts will give you a more acidic flavor. At the same time, black-roasted varieties tend toward sweetness depending on how much additive was added during processing.

Time To Brew

Brewing coffee is simple and convenient no matter how you like it. Newer drip machines are quite quick! The time it takes to brew a cup largely depends on the quantity- 10 to 15 minutes for 12 cups versus 2 to 5 minutes per cup.

Espresso is quick to brew and tastes excellent. But you can only have one shot before requiring more coffee. For those looking to satisfy their caffeine cravings, one ounce of this powerful brew equals one ounce of concentrated coffee!


A cup of black coffee is low in calories and contains just two per 8 ounces. Espresso, on the other hand, has 20!

Which Is The Best Drink For Your Preference?

Black coffee offers so many benefits for:

 Individuals searching for something simple yet filled in their lives. It’s no surprise that this drink may make people fall in love with a first sip. It even gives us an easy method to start each day with enthusiasm.
 Depending on your preferences as the barista at home, it may be as rich and robust as you like! What else can I say about this type? It’s a really simple brew; no expensive machinery is necessary here, folks!!

However, as mentioned, too much caffeine is extremely detrimental to your health and can cause sleeplessness. The drip coffee machine can create up to 64 oz of coffee every brew, which is around 760 mg of caffeine, far too much for a day.

 People can maintain healthy cholesterol levels by drinking black coffee prepared in a drip coffee machine with an appropriate filter. So, if you are having cholesterol level problems, consider black coffee as a support treatment.

People who might enjoy espresso:

 When you want a powerful, rich flavor that will leave your taste receptors begging for more, go for espresso!
 Espresso is ideal if it’s the strong tastes that get you moving. It is not diluted in any manner and should remain so. Espresso is served in tiny doses that you can consume in a single sip. As a result, espresso drinkers prefer drinking quickly since they are always in a rush.
 Espresso is for healthy people. Unlike black coffee, it can cause severe health conditions for those who have cholesterol problems. So, it would be best to choose carefully before you decide to order a beverage.

How To Make Black Coffee?

Getting Everything You Need To Make The Ideal Cup Of Coffee

Gathering your ingredients. This stage will require ground coffee, a filter, and water to create your brew method at home or on the road.

Find The Perfect Filter For The Machine

We need to find a filter and then put it into your machine. There are many different filters out there, so be sure you purchase one that best suits what type of drinker is going in the cups or pots!

Fill The Coffee Pot And Position The Filters

For a Chemex filter, for example, the Chemex ratio (one gram of beans per 15 grams water) should be used as a reference. However, unless you know the specific unit of measurement, you should probably just translate this into cups of coffee and continue from there.

Close The Coffeemaker’s Filter Section

When the coffee maker flushes out the filtered water, you don’t want your floor to be swamped with water.

Open The Reservoir And Fill It With Water

You’re almost finished! All that’s left is to fill the machine with water and prepare your favorite beverage. You’ll just need enough for yourself, so pay attention to the measurement line on the machine.

Turn On The Machine

It’s a breeze to set up and use. Simply turn on one button for automatic mode. Or, if you prefer to adjust over your coffee preparation, choose manual control mode. Finally, enjoy your cup of coffee.

How To Make Espresso?

Getting everything you need to make the ideal cup of coffee

Gathering your ingredients. You will need beans, an AeroPress, grinder, scale, and water to create your brew method at home or on the road.

Arrange The Coffeemaker

Before replacing the drain cap, insert a rinsed filter and set an empty cup beneath the coffeemaker. This way, we can prevent espresso from spilling over any surfaces.

Grind The Coffee Beans Until They Are Finely Powdered

Simply place the coffee beans into the grinder to ground, but make sure they are always smooth.

Pour Two Tablespoons Of The Liquid Into The Filter

Tweaking the formula is simple and will help you make the perfect Espresso drink based on your personal taste preferences. A dark roast coffee bean yields richer results than a light roast, so use approximately 2 teaspoons.

Fill The Coffeemaker With Hot Water

Add an equal quantity of water for coffee, approximately 3 ounces. A minor point to mention is that you must heat the water to around 200 degrees Celsius to generate the proper pressure while pressing the piston down to compress the coffee.

Pour Into A Glass And Serve

You are now finally ready to enjoy your espresso. You may use it as the foundation for various recipes, such as drinks and baked products! Even if refracted in an airtight container, espresso will retain its strong taste, allowing you to produce excellent syrup at any time of year.

FAQs Of Black Coffee vs Espresso

1. Can You Use The Same Machine To Make Black Coffee And Espresso?

Some people may consider brewing black coffee and espresso on the same machine to save space and money. In fact, many machines can be used for both, as long as you choose the right settings.

However, this is not recommended as the quality of the resulting coffee can be affected as each coffee has its own qualities, which simply cannot be mixed up.

2. What Do You Need To Grind Coffee By Yourself?

If you want to create a great cup of black coffee or espresso, the beans must be ground precisely. A hand grinder will create a finer powder-like texture, but an automated grinder would provide a coarser consistency for thicker beverages such as macchiato-style coffees.

While it is critical to verify machine specifications, all machines have appropriate settings for various types of drinks.

3. Can You Prepare Black Coffee In A French Press?

Yes, you can. Using a French press can help you prepare a nice morning cup of black coffee.

This is for those who like to get in on the ground floor and make their coffee. If hand brewing appeals to you, a French press may be a choice, especially if you want something with a more personal touch than some of the fancy automatic equipment on the market.


In the end, black coffee vs espresso, all boils down to your preference. If you prefer a stronger taste and caffeine fix, then espresso is for you. Even so, if you’re looking for something more flavorful with less of an intense buzz from coffee beans, black coffee may be a better option.

Try both to find out what suits your needs best!


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