A Complete Guide On How To Become A Barista

February 19, 2023 by Madelyn Doyle

A professional barista has a variety of coffee preparation recipes, ranging from famous Italian coffee dishes to simple filter coffee cups. They can also distinguish between real and fake coffee, clean and dirty coffee, and pure or mixed coffee. That has to be incredible.

But right now, “how to become a barista“ is a burning question on your mind. Continue reading to discover a comprehensive guide in today’s article.

The Spirit Of Pursuing Passion

First of all, when you come to the question “how to become a barista” I want you to confirm that you are serious about it.

Unlike other industries, industries require carefulness and meticulousness, not only in professional skills but also requires psychological understanding and service attitude. Any desire, I believe, necessitates love and perseverance.

With the low pay and high work pressure, if you do not have a strong passion and steel spirit, you will struggle to stay on track from the start. An excellent barista can make espresso while also giving customers a pleasant coffee tasting experience.

They are well-versed in their trade and enthusiastic about it as ambassadors, teaching people how to appreciate coffee, identifying tastes, and educating customers on what to buy, drink, and believe in.

Prepare Knowledge Related To Barista

To fully understand “how to become a barista”, you must first master the knowledge and recipes for each coffee-related beverage. Only after you have mastered the fundamentals of coffee preparation can you be creative and satisfy your diners. Take a look at the following suggestions.

Search Courses: Online And Offline

In the age of high technology and the Internet, finding information about the profession of a barista online is practically no problem. If you are diligent, know how to set goals for yourself, find them and get results, you can master any profession, including becoming a barista.

The best helpers in this will be online courses, Internet videos, and copyright blogs of experts in their field. You can find a lot of subject material on the net, which will be useful to both a beginner and a more experienced expert. Arm yourself with a pen with a notebook where you will write down prefiltered information and put your knowledge into practice. Indeed, only by constantly practicing will you achieve the desired results.

Buy Equipment And Practice At Home

As in the development of any other discipline, training is impossible without a division into theory and practice. When you first start working as a barrister, you will be overwhelmed by the huge amount of knowledge and the detailed notes about it.

Practicing at home will be an effective method to help you recreate the mind map of what you have learned. In addition, self-practice at home provides a space of creative comfort and mental relaxation. You will not be rushed for time, speed of service.

It allows you to see the results, feel the taste and correct the shortcomings. At the same time, relatives will help you make the most sincere comments. Nevertheless, this method’s limitation is that your finances must be completely redundant.

You are ready to accept that you will rarely use all of the ingredients in a recipe, but you will still have to buy it. This is not a waste; each drink requires its preparation and utensils, and even the decoration differs.

Training At Shops And Bars

Self-study is not enough to become a professional. It is preferable to immediately seek out a good cup of coffee and apply for a job there. You will feel more responsible and committed to your job once you have one.

It is also common practice for cafes to provide free training to new employees and the main job. This method is suitable for students and people who are currently without a permanent job.

A huge plus, in this case, is that the training in the secrets of brewing skills will take place directly in the workplace. If you are fortunate enough to have an experienced master as your teacher, you will learn all the intricacies of preparing aromatic coffee much sooner.

Prepare The Necessary Skills

In the “how to be a barista” problem, knowledge plays a role in determining what your job requires and how to accomplish it.

On the other hand, many coffee shop owners look for qualities and characteristics that make a successful bartender rather than difficult skills. Here are some of the most important abilities a bartender should possess:

Artistic Talent And Skillful Hands

Artistic talent, creativity, high aesthetics, and skillful hands are what a professional Barista must have. “Drawing” pictures directly on the surface of the coffee cup do not allow Barista to make mistakes.

As long as this step is broken, it will lose the aesthetics of the drink; the worst-case scenario is to have to re-mix another glass, which is both a waste of time and a waste of time.

Therefore, only when equipped with these skills can you ensure success when making every cup of coffee on demand. Besides, if you are gifted in art, you can apply your creativity to the coffee-making process, creating your mark.

For example, instead of a normal “drawn” latte, you can create special images that will surprise and delight your customers with artistic talent. That is also the factor that helps Barista be highly appreciated for their skills and professionalism.

Good Taste

A good taste to appreciate the quality of a drink is an advanced requirement for a barista. For every cup of coffee, if you want to convince customers, you must first convince the person who created it.

It would help if you were satisfied with your finished product before you served the customer. Thus, the Barista needs to have good taste to ensure the taste, color, and quality of products before serving them to customers.

The ability to taste or appreciate a good drink is an advanced standard that a professional Barista must master. What if the drink you take care of is not popular with diners because it is not prepared?

To minimize this problem, you must have a good sense of taste to ensure that all the drinks you make meet the standards of taste – color – quality before serving guests.

Communication Skills – Customer Care

Baristas also regularly interact with customers, especially customers interested in sitting at the counter to watch barista performances.

As a service industry, you must foster soft skills in addition to job-related skills to meet the standard of “how to be a barista”– communicate with customers, creating a sense of comfort.

You can not just keep talking about dry recipes or boring questions. You can use your expertise to turn it into a story, a legend to fill the gap in the conversation.

Especially, please prepare many scenarios; when you encounter problems, you will use them to satisfy customers skillfully. Some of the most common situations are like you mixed the wrong drink, got a foreign object in a glass of water, or spilled a liquid on a customer.

There will be a lot of awkwardness but being calm and smart is the solution method to get you out of that situation. In addition, when communicating, you should use long-term memory capacity.

It will help the Barista remember the ingredients, the recipe, the order of the recipes. This will help you not to ignore any request of the customer, bringing high work efficiency.

Your memory will also help you remember the habits and preferences of your patrons, which will help with the preparation. Easier processing without having to take the order step. With this approach, your customers are satisfied and come back the next time.

High-Pressure Resistance

The mentality is always a decisive factor for success in a field. That is why at the beginning of the article, I remind you of persistence with passion and continue to emphasize it now.

Of all the ways to become a barrister above, you can meet, but all efforts are lost without the spirit of pressure. Barista is a satisfying work environment for the entertainment of customers. When evenings and weekends are relaxing, that’s when you put in the most stress.

Only strong health can withstand such a large workload. Additionally, you will also practice your patience when entering this path. When doing service, one of the familiar situations is that you must always consider “customers as merchants”.

That means you have to please all the weirdest personalities and interests. There is no definite rule.


After reading the last few sentences, I am sure you have formed your own opinion about “how to become a barista”. Every cup of coffee is a work of art, and the bartender is an artist, as someone once said. Be passionate about what you do, and you will be the next excellent artist!


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